Guided nature tour of Djurö National Park

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Djurö National Park is a cluster of some thirty-five islands and rocky outcrops in giant Lake Vänern in West Sweden. This guided tour lets you discover the flora and fauna of this beautiful archipelago.

Djurö National Park
The Djurö archipelago gained national park status in 1991 and the only manmade dots on the horizon here is an unmanned lighthouse and a hunting lodge. Otherwise, the horizon is gloriously dot-free, with the exception of Kinnekulle mountain in the south, which lies close to the Naturum Information Centre at Vänerskärgården-Victoriahuset – the starting point of this guided trip. Still on land, trip-goers get a run-through of the day from the park ranger over a cup of coffee. Then it’s all aboard the boat that will take just under two hours to reach the Djurö islands. Lunch on an island is included.

What’s out there?
Getting to the islands is a nature trip in itself. Out of interest, Lake Vänern is the biggest lake in the EU at roughly 5,600 square kilometres and is more of an inland sea than a lake, and supports a sizable commercial fishing industry.
But out here at Djurö National Park, we are talking island wilderness.
Situated where they are, in the middle of a vast lake, soil cover on many of the islands is poor and this dictates what plants and tree grow there. On most of the island you will see pine trees and moss cover, but on the island of Gisslan where the soil is richer you will see lily of the valley, blue buttercups and cowslip. Birdlife meanwhile is richer with ospreys, oystercatchers and great black-backed gulls calling the archipelago home. If we are lucky we might just see some of the small population of fallow deer out here.

Hotel and restaurant options
You have several options to choose from regarding restaurants where you can enjoy your evening meal and accommodation. The day draws to a close with a two-course evening meal at a restaurant on the island of Kållandsö, or in the nearby town of Lidköping, depending on which accommodation package you choose.
Day two kicks off with a hearty breakfast buffet before heading for the majestic and very baroque Läckö Castle. Sitting on an eastern bank of Lake Vänern the 17th century white-walled castle seems to rise out of the lake. Take the guided tour of this splendid place inside and out – it’s included in the package.

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